Monday, November 17, 2014

FanDuel Week 11 Recap

After a dud week of football, I thought I would start a postmortem on my weekly cash game lineup in order to review my thought process and see what I missed. I scored 106.68, which currently puts me in the money in a very low scoring week, but with the Monday night game still to come I am sure it won't be enough.

My record after 6 weeks of playing is 4-2. Im up 2 units but am now on a 2 week losing streak after going 4 straight weeks making a profit. This is my record so far:

Week 11 - 106.68 - LOST (112.32 to cash, 5.64 points off)
Week 10 - 107.9 - LOST (119.02 to cash, 11.12 points off)
Week 9 - 145.66 - WON
Week 8 - 126.42 - WON
Week 7 - 123.5 - WON
Week 6 - 137.44 - WON

My cash game lineup for week 11:
QB - Tom Brady - 16.08 @ 9500 (1.69x value)
RB - Mark Ingram - 13.2 @ 8000 (1.65x value)
RB - Jerick McKinnon - 7.8 @ 5500 (1.42x value)
WR - Demaryius Thomas - 13.8 @ 9100 (1.52x value)
WR - Kelvin Benjamin - 21.4 @ 6600 (3.24x value)
WR - Jordan Matthews - 19.2 @ 5500 (3.49x value)
TE - Travis Kelce - 3.2 @ 5900 (0.54x value)
K - Nick Novak - 9 @ 4500 (2x value)
D - Denver Broncos - 3 @ 5200 (0.58x value)

Discounting the kicker, I only 'hit' on 2 of 8 picks. The most disappointing was the QB, the game lived up to its high Vegas over/under but the touchdowns did not come from Brady's arm. 1 more touchdown and this post would probably have a more positive note, but that's how it goes.

Picks I missed on
Travis Kelce
With Anthony Fasano declared out, I thought this would be the week Kelce is unleashed. The Chiefs refusal to use such a talented player is annoying, but I won't be playing Kelce again this season. The mid price ranges at Tight End are a killer, pay up or go cheap.

Broncos D
Everyone was wrong about this game. They were a big favorite going into this game and their defense rated 2nd in the league in DVOA. I won't be playing this D again as they don't make too many plays but they are always priced > $5000 due to the reputation of the team and the Vegas spreads they get each week.

Tom Brady
The Patriots definitely lived up to their end of the high Vegas over/under (58), and while I did anticipate a run heavy game plan from Belichik, I still thought Brady would hit 300/3. I think if you're going to pay up for QB (you should), it's safer to go Luck/Rodgers/Peyton, as the Pats have no problem using Brady as more of a 'game manager' if the situation calls for it.

Picks I should have made
There was a group of $6200-$6500 running backs a lot of people were debating, of the 5, 3 of them hit value:

Ryan Mathews 8
CJ Anderson 15.5
Jeremy Hill 17
Alfred Blue 15.6
Shane Vereen 9.7

There were legitimate concerns about all 5 of these backs, and I originally had Jeremy Hill but shuffled things around to put in the 'safer' Mark Ingram instead. There were game flow concerns for Hill, who didn't get many touches last week once the Bengals went down by a couple of scores. I predicted a similar thing happening against the Saints' stronger offense (as did Vegas), but the game did not go that way. Still, Hill was effectively a feature back at $6500 and he is decently talented so I shouldn't have second guessed the pick so much.

Quick look at Week 13
The pricing algorithm generally seems to be getting tougher as there is more data on the matchups at this point of the season.

Jordan Matthews salary shot up $2200 all the way up to $7700. The algorithm over-reacting to his touchdowns, you definitely can't play him at that price point.

Josh Gordon is back this week and priced at $7800, the Cleveland Browns passed 50 times this week against the Texans. I think they will switch back to being a pass heavy team, as the running game has fallen apart in recent weeks. I wouldn't play Gordon in a cash lineup this week, just because we don't know how good he's going to be, being out for so long.

Gronk drops under $8000, due to the Patriots' run heavy game plan last week, making him a must play.

McKinnon is still cheap ($5600), Trent Richardson's ownership will be > 40%, he sucks but is dirt cheap at $5700 if Ahmad Bradshaw is out.

Defense is really overpriced now, they are anticipating people's thought process and putting anyone who logically could have a good game > $5000. I remember there were better options < $5000 earlier in the season.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Turn SQL Server on using Powershell

This is a neat little script that toggles on or off the default SQL Server service, as well as SQL Server Agent and SQL Writer. This is good if you keep an instance installed to play around with that is off 90% of the time. You should set the services as manual to free up RAM and then just toggle it on with this script when you need to use it.

How to use this script:

1) Save as a .ps1 file to My Documents, right click file and choose Send To .. Desktop (Create Shortcut).
2) Right click the shortcut on the desktop and replace the Target with this:

%SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "C:\Users\Vince\Documents\TOGGLE_SQL.ps1" -WindowsStyle Hidden

Modify the path (bolded) accordingly based on where you saved the file.

$sqlserv = Get-Service -Name MSSQLSERVER
$agentserv = Get-Service -Name SQLSERVERAGENT
$writerserv = Get-Service -Name SQLWriter

if($sqlserv.Status -eq "Stopped")
    Start-Service MSSQLSERVER
    if($agentserv.Status -eq "Stopped")
        Start-Service SQLSERVERAGENT
    if($writerserv.Status -eq "Stopped")
        Start-Service SQLWriter

    if($agentserv.Status -ne "Stopped")
        Stop-Service SQLSERVERAGENT
    if($writerserv.Status -ne "Stopped")
        Stop-Service SQLWriter

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to download private/embedded Vimeo videos

Disclaimer: This post does not explain how to circumvent Vimeo's protection to access private videos. You will still need access to the private video you are trying to download, presumably by paying for it.

I paid for access to a video tutorial site and I wanted to archive their video collection to my computer for future viewing. The videos were all embedded from Vimeo and private but fortunately I figured out how to download them .. there are 2 ways:

Sometimes they will embed the .mp4 stream directly, sometimes they will embed the Vimeo window as a browser object. To find out which method is being used, open the page where the video is on and go to View Source ..

Do a search for .mp4 and/or vimeo. If you find a .mp4 link like this:

Then skip the next step, however if you don't find anything ending in .mp4 but instead can only find something like this:

Then click that link (note you have to click the link directly from view source, pasting it into a new browser window will not work) and you should see your video in full screen.

From that page, right click and choose View Source and search for .mp4, you should find multiple links to .mp4 streams. The links will have within the code the 'profile' for example SD or h264, you should also be able to see the width/height of the video. Select the .mp4 link with the quality settings you require.

For the final step, create a .html file with a hyperlink in it and paste your .mp4 link in there.


<a href="">download</a>

Now open that .html file in your web browser and right click 'Save link as ..' and you will be able to save the Vimeo video as an MP4 to your computer.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Missing aspnet_regiis.exe

You will sometimes need to run aspnet_regiis.exe with the -i flag to properly register a version of the .NET Framework on a server.

This file should be in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber\aspnet_regiis.exe, however if you can't find it try the following steps:

1) Repair your installation of .NET Framework, you can do this through the Programs and Features menu in Control Panel.

2) Make sure you have installed the full version and not just client profile version of the Framework. The client profile does not come with this aspnet_regiis.exe program. If you have client profile, uninstall it and install the full version of the Framework. None of my Google searches mentioned #2, so I thought I would share that additional solution.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Downloading protected files from a WebBrowser object

When you navigate using the WebBrowser control to a downloadable file, the control gives the standard IE download dialog box. To automate this and download the file programmatically we need to use the HttpWebRequest class. This sends a GET request to the server, we can then save the response stream as a file. One problem is if the website you are downloading from requires a login. As the WebRequest you create is outside of the WebBrowser object, it will not be authenticated so we need to attach the cookies to the request headers. The WebBrowser control doesn't allow you to get HTTPOnly cookies from the page, so we need to implement a workaround to get these cookies. Credit to Microsoft Technet for this code:

[DllImport("wininet.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
static extern bool InternetGetCookieEx(string pchURL, string pchCookieName, StringBuilder pchCookieData, ref uint pcchCookieData, int dwFlags, IntPtr lpReserved);
const int INTERNET_COOKIE_HTTPONLY = 0x00002000;

public static string GetGlobalCookies(string uri)
    uint datasize = 1024;
    StringBuilder cookieData = new StringBuilder((int)datasize);
    if (InternetGetCookieEx(uri, null, cookieData, ref datasize, INTERNET_COOKIE_HTTPONLY, IntPtr.Zero)
        && cookieData.Length > 0)
        return cookieData.ToString();

        return null;

This method GetGlobalCookies allows you to get the cookies you received after logging in with your WebBrowser object and attach them to your WebRequest. To automate the WebRequest, we need to create an Event Handler for the WebBrowser's Navigating event like so:
webBrowser1.Navigating += new WebBrowserNavigatingEventHandler(webBrowser1_Navigating);
In the EventHandler, we first check if the URL has a specific ending. In my example I am looking for torrent files. We then cancel the download dialog and get the cookie string using the GetGlobalCookies method. After that, we create a WebRequest using the URL of the torrent file we are downloading. We then attach the cookies to the header, as well as specify that it's a GET request. The ContentLength = 0 is to overcome 411 errors. We then simply feed the response into a file and you should now have your file downloaded to disk.

void webBrowser1_Navigating(object sender, WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs e)
    if (e.Url.Segments[e.Url.Segments.Length - 1].EndsWith(".torrent"))
        e.Cancel = true;
        string filepath = filepath = @"C:\Downloads\" + e.Url.Segments[e.Url.Segments.Length - 1];

        string _cookies = GetGlobalCookies("");

        WebRequest wr = HttpWebRequest.Create(e.Url);
        wr.Headers.Add("Cookie", _cookies);
        wr.Method = "GET";
        wr.ContentLength = 0;

        WebResponse resp = wr.GetResponse();

        using (var fileStream = System.IO.File.Create(filepath))

Friday, August 30, 2013

Select all doesn't work in Text Box

TextBox's do not by default support the CTRL+A shortcut when the MultiLine property is set to true (documentation).

One way to get around this is to write a custom event handler for your text box, like so:

private void textBox7_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    if (e.Control && e.KeyCode == Keys.A)
You then need to go to your Form.Designer.cs file and add the following line:
this.textBox7.KeyDown += new System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventHandler(this.textBox7_KeyDown);

This tells the form to use the custom event handler you just created.

If this still doesn't work, you can also check the ShortcutsEnabled property on your text box, make sure it is set to true.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pointing your domain name to your blog

In order to point your domain name to your blog you need to modify the zone file which can be tricky if you've never done this before and it's very easy to get wrong as I have just learned the last few days!

There are 2 pieces of information you need to provide in your zone file which will have your domain point to your blog:


kqtj3btu4kfq 300 IN CNAME

The kqtj3btu4kfq  tag depends on your blog, you can find in the settings which tag you need to use, the part also depends on your blog, again look in your settings.

www 300 IN CNAME

This is standard for all blogs. VERY IMPORTANT: the trailing . at the end of both addresses is extremely important and without it this will not work.

A records 

@ 300 IN A
@ 300 IN A
@ 300 IN A
@ 300 IN A

These can be set as is, they are standard settings for all blogs

You will need to consult your domain registrar's documentation to find out how to make these changes as well. Once you have made the settings give it about 2-3 hours max for the changes to propagate and your blog should then be working.